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How bearings work RIV Mechanical Electrical Supplies Company RIV "MES" is one of the members of RIV GROUP which invests in three different business fields, RIV "MES" Company is the Egyptian leader in the bearings business, started since 1958, represents IKO Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd., VXB, MGM Radax, UTL, FKL, IKL, FLT, URB and STIEBER brands, that's beside the representation of many small manufacturers, products range are: ball bearing, roller bearing, needle bearing taper bearing, flanged bearing, ceramic bearing, miniature bearing and spherical bearing.

We are also carrying the largest stock of SKF bearings all over the territory, as for "GPZ" brand, RIV "MES" is the agent in the territory of Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, accordingly, always keeping large "export ready" stock of "GPZ" bearings in the duty free trade zone area in Alexandria, RIV "MES" product range includes ball, roller, taper, spherical, thrust and needle bearings, as well as the free-wheel and back-stops. These products are used for various applications, mainly for the rotational and linear frictionless motion.

RIV "MES" is always interested in import and/or export bearings business, please feel free to contact RIV "MES" by fax, telex or even by e-mail, RIV "MES" will reply within 24 hours.

As RIV is always intending to expand in the territory of the Middle and Far East, RIV established a new premises called Gulf Bearing Company "GBC" in the JAFZA "Jebel Ali Free Zone Area" in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, further information and details about the new premises will be released in the net soon.

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6 Orabi Street, P.O.Box 101, Cairo 11511, Egypt.
Tel. : +202-574-9921, 575-9921, 575-7517
Fax. : +202-5776236, Telex : 92808 RIV UN
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